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Mondeo 2009 - 6000Cd Radio Not Keeping Code


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Hi, I hope someone can help out.

For some reason my radio is not keeping the unlock code. I'm fairly new to the car, having purchased it in January. A week ago the radio was intermittently turning on and off as we were driving.

We had a towbar fitted on Monday, and had to re-enter the radio code to get it going again.

It's great until you lock the car, then it asks you to enter the code again, and all times have been reset.

Any ideas?

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Hi Mark, that was my immediate thought...but what I am wondering is, could there be a fuse gone? Although the intermittent on and off does point to a loose connection.

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It may be that the permanent live feed to the radio has been lost.

Could be a fuse or loose pin in the radio connector.

Thanks for the reply. I've had a look at the fuse diagrams but they're greek to me. You don't happen to know the fuse I should be looking for? If I can rule that out, then I'll move onto checking the connections. :)

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