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Help Plz Wife Moaning About Her Galaxy


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Hi peeps please help got few minor problems with wifes galaxy its a 1.9tdi 2004 plate

1) coil light nearly always flashing, changed new glow plugs still does it??

2) handbrake light flashes and beeps whilest driving.

3) brake lights come on when i turn lights on.

Can anyone shed light on these issues plz much appreciated

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could be something simple or a p.i.a,but ill give you a few pointers.

coil light staying on,do you mean the glow plug light?,have you checked/replaced the brake switch? if not then do,if still no joy it might be the clock spring?

handbrake light,have you checked the brake fluid level?

brake lights coming on,again this MAY be due to a faulty brake switch?or it could be the dreaded wiring problem that the gals suffer from in the rear hatch?

ive sent you a pm.

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1. coil light also acts as a fault code indicator so it may require the fault codes read to find the problem

2. could be low brake fluid level, a faulty switch at the handbrake or if your brake pads have wear indicators it could be low brake pads.

3.sounds like a bulb or a wiring fault either at the rear hatch hinge or in the clusters themselves

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