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List Of Fiesta Mks


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Just joined yesterday and already confused about Fiesta 'Mark's' I've seen old posts that are years old that refer to MK 6.5 / 7 and 8's Is there a list (like Year range & Marks) I could refer to please as it would probably help me in future? :iim:


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Mk1- 76-83

Mk2- 83-89

Mk3- 89-97

Mk4- 95-99

Mk4.5- 99-02 (referred to as Mk5)

Mk5- 02-06 (referred to as Mk6)

Mk5.5- 06-08 (referred to as Mk6.5)

Mk6- 08-13 (referred to as Mk7)

Mk6.5- 13--- (referred to as Mk7.5)

There is a bit of an anomaly concerning the Mk's of a fiesta as some facelift points were considered by many to be so different from the previous incarnations so as to be considered as a Mk jump rather than a mere 'facelift'.

Bear in mind that Ford do not officially use a Mk system but follow the American custom of specifying the model by build years instead.

This is an important factor to remember if buying parts off the internet (and in particular ebay).

Do not go by an adverts Mk statement, instead go by the vehicle year in order to avoid being in the position where parts are not compatible.

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The term '' generation '' is also often used to describe a car's age & can be confusing, for instance the brand new Mondeo is commonly known as the MK5, but is in fact the 4th generation Mondeo . . :unsure:

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