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Coloured Car Wax


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As far as I know car wax is almost clear, or certainly goes on / dries clear to put a temporary top coat on your paintwork to protect it and to allow water to just easily roll off - "T-cut" is used for removing surface scratches and blemishes and is not a wax, instead it takes a layer of paint off which removes the uneven (i.e. scratched surface) thus giving a new constant even finish, but this has removed the top layer of protective lacquer from the vehicle and now leaves it more exposed to sunlight damage and you can end up, in time, with different variations of colour, due to this

Is my understanding correct guys and dolls ??

Now we also have an older black Corsa with scratches on and I know you can by touch up paints, but wouldn't it be easier and better (??) to wash and then wax the car with a black wax, thus protecting the paintwork and "colouring in" the scratches etc., leaving them less noticeable to the eye rather than removing further paint (T-cut) ?? - Is there such a product ??

This leads me on to our new Fiesta, I have spoted the odd surface blemish / scratch (not sure if its from the neighbours cat or I have just missed it when collecting the car or done it myself somehow washing the car !!) what do I do leave it or repair it (very frightened of cocking it up) ?? - The "09" Fiesta is Black Panther and obviously this comes with the Ford speckled / glitzy paint finish

Any advise please ??

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You can get "colour magic" froom Halfords etc which is basically a polish/wax with colour in it to mask MINOR swirls and scratches. Or at least you used to, not sure if they still sell it. This will wash off after a few washes or a bit of rain though, although the paintwork will still bead water quite well, the colour will soon disappear..

Bestter to use this colur polish & then "seal" the colour in with a decent good quality wax, preferably with several coats.

Colour magic is ok as a temporary cover up, but that's about all.

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