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Help, Hugh Fuel Leak!!!


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Hi guys, just pulled up outside my house and can see smoke/steam coming from under my bonnet.

Took awhile to find the leak but its coming near or the side of the injector.

Can anyone shed any light on this area of the engine. Its a mk2 ford focus diesel 1.8tdci.

Cheers guys, really need your help.




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Hello there, whats a leak off pipe and whats its purpose?

Looking at the whole injector housing its soaking in fuel while the other are bone dry. All the front of the engine bay is covered. Im so worried about driving this car.

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Definitely don't drive the car, for one you risk it catching fire and also polluting the road surface (as a biker I know all about diesel on the road).

The leak off pipes send unused fuel back to the tank. Can you tell what part it's leaking from?

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Hello again matey, it looks damp around that injector and looks really wet on that pipe which is connected to the side of the injector. I can touch it and my finger drips with diesel. It must of been a recent thing as my car was in for aux belt and tensioner replacement last week. As I look around the engine, the front end looks covered. I will phone a couple mechanics in the area but wont have a choice but to drive 0.5 miles to them.

Iv read 'o' rings failing on these engines. Never known anything like it.

Should I try and get these 'o' rings on my way home and while the mechanic looks at it, could have this part on hand?

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Cheers for the reply again mate.

It is coming from that plastic L housing. I was going to get the part but phone a mechanic up this morning. Its going in first thing!!! I dont want to drive it but have no choice. Its 0.3miles away. Engine will still be stone cold when I get there.

I wont need any other pipe work will i? Iv read afew post saying ford recommend new pipe work which looks like rubber braided stuff £80. What a ripoff! Will just snipping end off and replacing the L part work fine?

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