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2002 Mondeo Inner Tie Rod Remove??


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First of all let me just say hi ive not been here for a while :)

Right ive got a 2002 Mondeo estate 1.8 petrol and I had abit of a accident

with a curb the other night and I think ive bent my inner tie rod ive added a pic.

The problem im having is that ive removed inner tie rods of other cars before but this one as got me stumped on how to remove as it had no obvious cut out for a wrench or nothing??

Could someone please shine a light on it please thanks all :)


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Just had a quick look on google and it says to twist it anti clockwise which will be normal thread.

Might be worth considering something like an oil filter removal tool if you have one because moule grips could chomp it up a bit!

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