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Front Wheel Wobble / Vibration


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Hi all,

I have a mk2 focus sport 1.8 tdci and I am at a loss and would like some advice.

I have had a wobble / vibration on the front passenger side for over 6 months now and is very noticeable at low speeds and the steering wheel also wobbles. I have read a few posts and took on some of the suggestions but I have not had any luck in solving my problem.

I have replaced the bearing including hub, it passed its not in January with no problems. I then replaced the drivers shaft, still no luck. I noticed that the tire was worn on the outside so today I took her to get a new tyre. I asked for the wheel to be put on the rear to see if it would help. I had all the wheels balenced and the alignment done and I am still facing the same problem.

Does anyone have anymore ideas?


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Thanks, the disks are ok, pads are getting low. I will be changing these next. The wheels have been off twice today, I took it for a drive in between and the wobble was still there.

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Are you sure its the pass side and not just transferring from one side to the other IDE be looking at the driveshaft bearing if everything else is fine .does it pull or judder under braking

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