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I've Been Scammed.........


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........but it's OK, I'm going to be compensated for it!!!

Copy of email I received today. It must be legit, it comes from the United Nations :)

United Nations Compensation Scheme

Treasury/International Handling
Dear Beneficiary

We are writing to you based on
information contained in our computers regarding being a victim of scam
in the past, we at the United Nations have set up a body to oversee all
scam related matters and make compensation accordingly.
In taking this decision, the
United Nations have appointed special officials in Nigeria, where most
of these scams being investigation took place, but with links to other
countries and victims to receive this gesture include those who have
been scammed in the past, so once we have ascertained that you have
fallen a victim in the past, we will simply make our recommendations and
you will be adequately compensated.
You are advised to send your full details viz:



Telephone number:____________


The above information should be sent to the officer incharge of your file:
Mr. James Babani

United Nations Compensation Scheme

Lagos Nigeria

As soon as your information is received, you will be contacted and told how much is due to you.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Joy Steven

United Nation Representative
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:afro: Hope you sent all your details, credit card num, pin num, bank details mums maiden name, the dogs name your shoe size oh yeah and they would be specially pleased if you could send them your passport as well, Cos you don't wanna miss out now, :lol:

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Cheeky beggars.

Trying to scam people with an e-mail saying they are compensating you for a scam.

It's a new variation of the old 419 scams.

Scam? I doubt it! ;)

Turvey, please PM me the email address of the UN officer, as I feel I am due compensation as well!

Yeehaw! Soon I will be putting a deposit on a new Mustang :D

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Seems Legit....

I would say that I want them to take the money I am owed, pay out for a private aircraft to ferry me to and from them using part of this pay out and when I arrive, I wish to be rewarded wtih the money in duffle bags, sterling currency, and I will leave them a 10% tip of whats left...

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