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New Dashcam


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Hi Guys,

Well I got bored of my old dashcam, the GS8000L was good dont get me wrong, but since something went funny on the firmware after a few resets it was no longer loop recording. I am going to be buying a Mobius or two later in the year, so thought I would just challenge the "Cheap Cam" market once again!

So I went looking and found a few, one of which was the k600, looked good, but at £30+ I didnt really want to spend a lot. Looking around eBay, I found another - basically a chinese clone! total cost - £14.69!

So I blindly bought it on the off chance it was as good as the GS8000L and initial impressions are, indeed, for a discount dashcam it is indeed worth the investment! Bearing in mind your buying into the bottom end of the market, the word High Definition, is not as clear as it would be if you were buying a TV of course, but, I find its still plenty good!

A sample of the footage:

So, this cam comes with the acclaimed 1080p videos, G sensor (for auto locking of video's in a knock), auto power on with electrics, auto record, auto off and loop recording. It has no speed or GPS details, but again, its a bargain cam, so what do you expect! I am hoping the loop means at the end of the cam it restarts and rewrites from the beginning, but having only received it today, I cannot confirm or deny this, however, the firmware on it looks remarkably similar to another cam I have seen (ilogger1000) and that does indeed auto loop to the start of the SD card.

Number plates are legible close up, but you wont pick up a number plate from more than 1.5 car lengths (at least not clearly), yet it still serves well as a recording device.

I find there is little difference in quality really over the GS8000L, but at the price of under £15, you can't go wrong.

Heres the cam, and it looks plastic as they all do, but its shiny plastic! it also has a proper "flash" kind of white light, as opposed to infra red LED's, so on a night recording, if you have that on, it probably will result in just whiting out the video, but in the event you need to stop and record something outside in the dark, it seems it would probably provide a reasonable amount of light.


the menu is fairly simple to navigate, you have your

I put in their an 8GB Class 4, and I must admit, it did it no favours, even recording on VGA (640 x 480) and the recordings where not overly great, granted you could still see things, but, you would find the recording jumpy. I put in instead my 32GB Class 10, and all video footage was smooth sailing.

It should hopefully do as an interim device, until I can buy and fit the mobius as a front and rear unit/s, but hopefully this will serve me well! I will try update the firmware on the GS8000L later, who knows, it might take and get it working perfect!

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