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I need a new car now. I have seen a red 51 plate Fiesta Freestyle for £600.00. 92000 miles. What should I look for before I buy this car? Thanks in advance.


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Check for evidence of water leaking from the washer jets in the top of the spark plug well. Check the arches for rust. If it's a 1.3 petrol walk away. The car is past due a cambelt and water pump so check it's been done. Check the oil for both level and purity. Whilst on the test drive, let go of the wheel when safe and check it continues true. Check the exhaust for leaks, if in doubt, cover the end with a rag and if the engine dies youre good. Check for general tidyness. Makes sure you check Every panel gap!! Check the engine support beams for any crash damage, and check in the spare wheel well for the same! Any questions, ask before you buy! Also, I can't say enough how much you should do a HPI check!! If you get a mobile app theyre as little as £2.99!!

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If it has a sunroof get a hose on it and check for leaks.

Bit expensive for that though imo, there is a 52 plate Golf TDI for £700 with 95K on the clock and actually looks mint tbh. shame you're so far away, look like an epic bargain. red poverty spec though.

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