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Ford Focus Mk2 Wiper And Horn Issues


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Hi all

New to this. I have mk2 focus 1.8 tdi ghia just wondering if any 1 had same issues horn randomly going off whilst stationary and driving a bit embarrassing at times and also when I take the key out of ignition wipers and off Side indicator start going. I have give car to auto electrician but they could not find faul. Thanks 😏

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It's worth opening the fuse box in the passenger footwell and check for corrosion under the big plug connectors

I bought our mk2 with loads of gremlins and it needed a new fuse box and module.

Had to get it re-programmed too when the fuse box was fitted.

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at first i thought it could be a squib issue when the horn goes off randomly - ive had this on a previous car so know how embarassing it is!

i had to take the steering wheel off and make sure the connection tab (for the horn to operate) wasnt touching the squib as this was the issue on mine. somehow it had managed to bend out of shape and this made it closer to the squib and made the horn go off.

with regards to the wipers - i dont know but im guessing an earth fault or even the stalk being faulty.

if you are tackling this yourself then make sure you have disconnected the battery so the airbag does not go off.

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Thank you very much I was actually thinking the same thing but don't think I'll attempt it myself. As for the wipers think I'll buy a stalk from scrap yard see if that does the trick. Appreciate your reply thank you 😀

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