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Focus Mk3 - Ding Alerts!


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Hi Guys

Hope you're christmas shopping is all going well.

I hope you can also help. These past couple of days I have noticed a DING coming through the cars sound system, whether I have music playing, or the volume on Zero, this ding will happen randomly. It is the familiar Microsoft Ding.

Now I know Microsoft designed the Interfaces for my Focus so that explains the ding, but why is it dinging?

Has anyone had this before?




Microsoft DING.mp3

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Thats an error noise on windows...no doubt the system is running of Windows CE. Only way to find out the error is to get past the GUI and onto the main system...think this will be a dealer only fix

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Thats a strange one, not heard that on any of the mk3 focus ive seen. the later sync is microsoft im led to believe , but from your photo you definatly dont have that, how often does it do it. Will a dealer be able to replicate the sound?

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I got sat nav and it warns me of fixed speed cameras etc with a ding of sorts, try turning that feature off if you have it?

Im clutching at straws here, cant think what it could be

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