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Which Induction Kit?


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Hallo Together,

i am thinking about changing the standard air filter with the performance one.

I ended with two options:

K&N 57S-4000 Performance Intake Kit



J1's Ford Focus Mk3 Air Intake Kit


Well i already know about the great manufacturing quality of the J1 intake kits but is it worth the extra money comparing to K&N?

Thank you in advance for any opinions or personal experience :)

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I just run the actual filter out of the K&N 57s-4000 kit. I didnt see the value in paying an extra £70 for a new lid with a K&N logo.


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+1 for just the filter.

just fitted mine yesterday but dont get to test it out till 22dec as that when ill next be in car.

However i didnt see the point in spending extra money on a plastic lid. if i want to i would get one off Ford and dremel to make it smooth inside.

Although as its the same filter housing i wonder if any of the ST 250 would fit?


The way i see it and from experince it is mainly for noise rather then BHP/ Torque increase. So depends what you wnat from it.

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As I said in another thread the 1.6 uses the same filter as the 250 PS ST so it won't be the restriction.

If you want to help the intake it might be worth thinking about an ST airbox instead which has an extra snorkel pipe going to the underside of the filter.

It's the same thing mountune fit for the MP 200 kit.

You'll still need a map to notice much benefit though as the ECU works on torque targets so will just adjust itself accordingly.

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