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Looking To Upgrade Body Parts


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Hi fokes, new to this page and I'm really taking an interest in upgrading my fiesta 1.5 TDCI 14 reg, I'm currently looking at body work for my fiesta and have been wanting to change my rear bumper, it currently has the standard rear on for the mk7 but I'm just wondering on how you upgrade it? Do you need a full new bumper or just one of those rear diffusers? Also what's the crack with side skirts? And help would be gratefully appreciated! Cheers Ryan

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The utube video is for replacing the whole bumper. you don't have to do that. All you have to do is replace the diffuser.

The problem comes if you want the ZS or St look. Then you have to buy the outer lower bumper winglets to fit the diffuser.

Or buy a complete bumper set of ebay, then the video is appropiate.

There is a guide for replacing the diffuser in the guides section.


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If you haven't got bodykit

Rear bumper extensions need to be modified and glued on

Sometes it's cheaper and easier to buy a full bumper just look around ..............I just sold one too :/


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Yes. it's out there just need to keep your eyes open and search the web.

I posted a link a couple of weeks ago for a 2015 ST rear end, bumper, lower diffuser, and side skirts. Went for £68 with only 2 bids.

At that price well worth hiring a van and picking it up.

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