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Warm Up Time 2.0 Tdci 2011


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I've got a 2011 2.0 tdci and it seems to take too long to warm up. I have to drive 6/7 miles before the temp gauge starts to rise above 60deg. I get heat from the vents pretty quickly but it takes so long for the gig aid to reach the middle.

The mpg is quite poor only getting 38/39 and it's a manual, so I'm thinking something could be up with the thermostat or the temp sender, either way the car could either be taking too long to heat up because of a thermostat that is stuck open or the sender is not working properly so not giving the proper signal to the ecu thus over fueling.

How long does it take for you cmaxs to warm up?

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If you're in the UK it's pretty cold at the moment so it will take longer, used to be my car reached middle of temp gauge after about 10 minutes of driving half through town 5 on motorway, but now it does not reach normal temp until I get to work after 20 minutes, it's nothing to worry about, your cars fuel economy will be down due to it being winter

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Thanks for the reply. I took my transit out this morning but it only took 3 miles of driving to reach the middle, I realise it's a different engine but the cmax just seems to take so long. Even after it's been used and reached the middle, once the car has sat for half an hour it will take ages to reach the middle again after restarting.

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