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2001 Ford Fiesta - Weird Lock Problem


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Hi All,

New to the forum and only had the car a few days but I have a really weird issue with the locks on the door and i'm not sure what it could be...


I can lock the car from using the driver side lock, but I can't unlock the car from the driver side

I can unlock the car from the passenger side, but I can't lock the car from the passenger side... 


And the boot doesn't open at all either... 


The car is a 2000 Ford Fiesta 3 door

Any ideas what could be causing the issue? 


Thanks :)


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The lock barrels that ford used are pretty hopeless, my 34,000 mile mint mk3 has already had it's barrels replaced.

Inside the barrel is made up of 6 little discs that make up the code and these wear over time.

On the drivers side it is most likely that the barrel is worn out and is need of replacement/rebuild. The reason you can lock it is because it any key can lock any ford barrel so don't have to match.

On the passenger side it might be worth checking all the connecting rods are still in the correct place, because no matter how worn the barrel is you should still be able to lock it.

Also worth checking everything is okay on the drivers side, although my experience (i currently own 3 2000 Fiesta's) is that it is the barrel itself.

The boot is likely the same issue - worn.

Before you start replacing/repairing have you tried spraying some WD40 in?

You can buy a new (non genuine) lock set for £30 off ebay, or rebuild the barrel yourself. The latter is a bit fiddly and takes a lot of patience and you need some replacement discs/shims of the correct number (they are numbered 1-6, you will have something like 641622). Its possible to work out the code by "reading" the key, if you have a good eye or when you take the barrel apart the shims are all helpfully numbered.

Hope this all makes sense!

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Thank you! Very use full feedback, will give the WD40  a go but if that doesn't work I will get some new barrels :) Will that just mean ill have to keep both keys, one for opening and one for starting, or do the 2000 Fiestas not have immobilisers and easy enough to swap the ignition barrel over as well? 



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Do have imobilisers, ignition barrel is dead easy. Take the cowling off round the steering column, take the pats ring off (2 screws easy when you see it), turn key to position 1 then press a tab in on the barrel and withdraw the barrel.

Only thing is the kits off ebay only come with a basic key (ie nowhere to put the imobiliser chip) so I just got a new key off ebay for a fiver and got a shop to cut it, then swap the chip out of the old key (very carefully as they are glass and can break).


That's where the last couple I've done I rebuilt the barrels as you don't have to mess about with keys then.

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