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Revs on Fiesta Eco Boost 125


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Not sure if this is user error but the other day when going to overtake a lorry after just setting off from a set of lights the revs on my Fiesta Eco Boost 125 went up to 6000 in first gear n dropped when I tried to accelerate further past the lorry still in first, I changed to 2nd gear and it was fine and I could accelerate again.

Granted 6000 is high revs and in my defence I had just set off from the traffic lights and I hadn't realised they had got that high that quick until I tried to continue to accelerate n the revs dropped and so did the power but as it has the boost feature it will usually accelerate well in 1st gear so was surprised by the drop in power.

Is the drop in the power in 1st gear just because I took the revs too high? Or could this be a problem....the car is a 64 plate and due to be serviced next month

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