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08 plate 1.8 Derv


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Hi Guys n Gals, new to the forum, just bought an 08 plate 1.8 TDCI on a whim really, I needed a diesel as I have a round trip commute to work of 50 miles (mostly motorway) and i saw this one and really liked the look of it, I have mostly owned BMW petrol cars, but since getting the Focus I have been impressed, nippy, fuel efficient and comfortable :-) Any way, now the questions lol, what MK is it? Should I be looking at doing cambelts @100k? also I need a fuel filler cap as the previous owner had a "universal" one on and every time I open the flap, the !Removed! thing falls out! So what type am I looking for? It`s not got screw thread so I`m assuming its 3 pin? Sorry for the long list ;-)

Rob (Northampton) 

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There won't be a fuel cap as it'll have Fords easy fuel system. (You should see the fuelling hole is covered with a plate till you insert the fuel nozzle)

The car will either be a mk2 or a mk2 facelift ..... The facelift has headlights that have a 'swept back' look similar to a Mondeo. (If you look at my profile photo, I have the facelift model so you can see) 

Not sure about the cambelt on a diesel as I've got a 1.6 petrol ..... 

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