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Paint code issues


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Hello all,

A 2007 Fiesta is in need of TLC after having an argument with some wildlife on the dual carriageway 

I'm checking the paint codes, and I'm not liking what I'm seeing:


If I understand the paint code system correctly, this VIN shows the paint code to be V5.. which would be Jewel Green introduced in 2005.

As the more observant of you may have noticed, the paint around the VIN plate doesn't look particularly green... :mellow:

Leaving that particular issue to one side, any idea what the correct paint code is for this? I've definitely seen other Fiestas this colour so I'm fairly sure it is a standard colour.



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Hi Paul, 

Thank you very much- that is exactly what I was after. It is coming up as Amethyst which (after a quick google search) matches the colour of the car. The VIN also matches.

Which now raises a really interesting question... why does that plate show a different paint code? I'd understand it if ETIS was showing something different like colour, registration or VIN but it doesn't.

But many thanks once again :thumbsup:

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