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Hi Guys,
I'm in a bit of a pickle and I thought I would come here for some advice. Before Christmas, I purchased a 1.25 (82) brand new Fiesta Zetec and although a great car, there are two things which are bugging me slightly:

- Fuel Economy

- Power

Although there is nothing technically wrong with the car, I am aware that the 1.25 engine is an older and less refined engine compared to the 1.0 Ecoboost (100 and or 125). I have tried to adjust and adapt my driving style to achieve the best economy out of the vehicle and currently getting around 39-43mpg on average. I commute regularly 16 miles per day (round trip) using a mixture of single, dual carriageways as well as a few local A roads encountered with some rather tediously controlled traffic lights (although not too bad) and on top of this, use my car for personal use too (trips out etc). I am aware that the MPG of a car will improve over time and I previously owned a 14 reg version of this nigh on exact car (not sure whether Euro 5 or Euro 6) and that only managed to achieve what I'm currently getting after about 6k on the clock. Only decided to buy a similar model due to the price at the time but I'm sure that I could afford a small step up if needs be.

What I'm asking is do you think it would be worth trading the car in now (currently got 750ish miles on it) for an Ecoboost and given the fact that the Ecoboost although not perfect is more refined and got a taller gearing ratio as well as more low down torque, do you think the Ecoboost will return nearer the 50mpg mark once bedded in? Or do you think it would be worth keeping the 1.25 for the time being?

Also, bearing in mind that the car is only 2 months old and only done 750ish miles as well as having a DAB Radio (not Sony though but an updated version of the previous FM/AM unit) and LED Running Lights, what reg / mileage would you be looking at for a 1.0 (100) Zetec Ecoboost for a like for like swap and allowing the dealer (if I was to trade it in) to still make some margin on my current vehicle?

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Wow - this reminds me of me, 3 months ago.


I needed a car on the hurry up and bought a 2015 1.25 pre registered Fiesta Zetec for £9K. Ford Direct vehicle from main dealer with 15 miles on it. Within 30 mins I knew it wasn't for me. I found the car totally gutless. Fairly quiet and refined at 70 on the motorway which is where I spent the majority of my 20 mile commute, but it was simply too slow.

I took advantage of the Ford Direct 30 day "if your not happy" exchange with the dealer, found a bit more money and gave £10,299 for a later spec 100 ecoboost with DRLs and DAB in magnetic, and the difference in the drive was amazing. The car is simply far more eager in every gear and returned 45mpg. Worth every penny and I highly recommend you going for one.

Your issue will be getting rid of yours. My advice would be to try and sell it privately and then shop around for an ecoboost. Stick your reg in a "we buy any car" site and then add about £750 to the valuation they give you for the px roughly that you'd get offered at a dealer, although you may be fortunate and find someone looking to get some models registered as 65s before the 16 plates come out.

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if youre that bothered about mpg then the simple answer is to get a diesel... i can achieve around 75mpg if i really try too and i suspect that the smaller diesels may be better than this

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