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Fiesta edge (2012) 1.25. Doing around 30-40,000 miles a year. How long can I expect it to last?


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I bought a Ford Fiesta Edge 2012 1.25 3dr in June 2015 second hand. When bought It had around 35,000 on the clock and now, 7 months later has around 58,000. I mostly do motorway driving for work, but was wondering if anyone has any idea how long these cars can last? I'm doing regular services at ford dealerships every 12,000 miles.

Thanks loads!

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Yeah, perhaps sell it now while it still has a half-decent resale value and get a diesel!

Not saying go for a fiesta diesel as they do need careful and religious maintenance to ensure you avoid known problems....However I've had the 1.6tdci from nearly new (2013) and get between 57-61mpg on a mix of driving, mostly decent A roads. using the two-click method to calculate.

You'll get 60+ all day long sitting at 65-70 or below on the motorway, so the initial outlay will soon pay itself back with those mileages (considering petrol and diesel are similarly priced  and your probably only getting 45mpg approx just now.

Taking your mileage at 40k miles per year and doing some basic calculations assuming diesel/petrol at today's prices of approx £5/gallon you'll save around £1300 in fuel running the diesel car.

Servicing costs should be similar but as I say with a fiesta diesel you really need to make sure your changing the oil and filter every 5-10k in my opinion with good quality oil. You'll have no problems with the dpf clogging up though if you drive it hard every couple of weeks on the motorway.

You'll probably need around £8k-£8.5k to get a 2013 approx. fiesta 1.5tdci or 1.6tdci from a dealer with around 30,000 miles. Yours is probably only worth 3.5k as a trade in at a guess.

In summary go and get a golf diesel or something.... :-p


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Beware of the 75PS output 1.5 tdci in the fiesta though. I had one on hire for a day for work and it was gutless. Definitely worth going for a more powerful version IMO.

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