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MK2.5 Vibrations at 55-65mph


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I have mk2.5 1.8 tdci zetec 59 plate with 67k on the clock. I have been getting a bad vibration from the front right area on the car around 55-65mph. You can drive through it,  both in gear and out of gear and round corners, left and right, uphill and downhill. Its especially noticeable on smooth new tarmac.I can feel a buzz through floor pan when I rest my foot on it. Steering wheel doesn't wobble.

Basically since owning this car at 59k miles its had a new wheel bearing on front left wheel and front right wheel (both covered by 2nd hand car warranty)

In january I had a bad droning sound whilst driving and the front right wheel bearing was replaced by another garage, at begining of this month i noticed a different sort of vibration this one is at 55mph-65mph.

I took the car to another garage, they said the front right bearing was worn and showed me the play with the wheel moving. Also my alignment was out and my front tyres were near bald on both inside shoulders.

I took the car back to the garage that changed the bearing in January and they agreed it was faulty and replaced it free of charge. It had only done 700 miles. I got two near tyres fitted and alignment done.

I am thinking of taking it back, however i am not sure the bearing is the problem.

Front right bearing has been changed three times now and front tyres changed and balanced and alignment done.

Could it be a cv joint? Inner or outer....

Any suggestions and advice appreciated :)

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