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Ford Ka, Nightmare :(

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Having just left the Army i wanted a car that would help me get around, I bought a ford ka S reg (1998) and its had to have £550 worth of new break pads, new front bushes, suspection arms, oil sump, oil pump :? because the used car sales man didnt pass me on the advisory slip :(

Any way, I need help because the garage didnt see it as a problem but on both rear wheels (the springs i think) i ear a squeeking noise when ever the car goes over a bump or corner, its not the spare wheel its definatly those springs or that area. Any ideas? My DW40 didnt work..

The other point is on the bonit i made the mistake of waxing the car to find it just brought up loads of little paint flaking patches, do you think a paint pen from Halfords would help or do i need a professional (and expensive :( spray) ...


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Yeah i dont get the noise only when im driving, Do you think they will be expensive to replace? Thanks Dean

I'm not sure if this might help but on some of the newer ford fiestas, the squeak in the back are coming from the latches for the rear seats. I don't know if you can pull the seats down in the ka but try driving around with them down to rule them out.

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