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Finally got my cruise control working, got all modules programmed yesterday only to find it wasn't working, (got the volume/ radio control, cruise switch) 

I was switching the ON button and then the VOLUME +, couldn't understand why it wasn't working, so I decided to take it off, open it up and check wiring, and then hey presto the were two buttons just under the volume buttons, so hastily but it back together, went for a run, pressed the ON then the BUTTON under the volume + and it WORKED. You should have seen the grin on my face.

Thanks to everyone who helped my through this pain in the !Removed! process, I'm so chuffed I've finally done it. Thanks all.

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2 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

Finally haha! :biggrin:

Glad its all over tom TBH, nearly threw the towel in, then Dezwez sent me a guide, and i went back to elmconfig 0.2.13b and it worked.

over the moon now, i drive about 300 miles a night in my HGV artic and im so used to cruise, all be it the truck is limited to 56 mph but its still a godsend.

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