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Clatter sound when pulling away 06 Focus 1.6 TDCI


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Hi All

My Focus is due an MOT very soon, so as always I got my mechanic mate to give it a pre MOT. Handbrake and rear axle bushes could be an issue, but thats another thing, and not too much to worry about according to the mechanic. My issue comes from a comment both my mechanic and his boss made whilst looking under the car around the drivers side front wheel. He said that looks a bit dusty, and his boss agreed, and both were looking at the bottom of the engine, at what I presume is the crankshaft pulley, however I'm not great when it comes to cars so could be wrong, but it was a disc shaped part located at the bottom of the engine. My mate asked his boss if this was normal or a sign of whatever they were inspecting was 'on its way out', my boss said that he wasn't really sure, but I was asked if I get a chattering / clattering type noise, and I said I do, but it only happens when cold and when I pull away from stationary, once the car has warmed up a bit it goes away. It doesn't happen all the time either, just on random days. When I asked them about it, neither were sure, but neither seemed that bothered either. I would of tried to get them to explain in more detail what they thought, but we were running out of time, the boss doesn't like hanging around while the pubs are open.

Just wondering if anyone out there knows what they could be on about? Any ideas, views or advice on this would be greatly appreciated as always.

Thanks in advance.

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