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Ford Ka acceleration hesatation


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     Recently my Ka 55 plate has been intermittently hesitating/jerking when accelerating at the same time it has been drinking petrol like crazy (20 mile round commute and just under a 1/4 of a tank gone). Tends to be at lower RPM's however at times becomes so bad it happens allover the rev range. I am not sure if it is an ignition issue as when the car is in neutral and at a stand still it revs freely and doesn't hesitate at all which I wouldn't have thought it would have done if it was more of an ignition issue. The car has 87,000 miles on it if anyone has encountered anything similar or has any ideas as to a solution please reply.




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Get yourself an obd tester and plug it in - best thing you could buy to save yourself garage fees - £20 on eBay - check my picture gallery it shows you pictures of it in action to fix exactly the problem you have - could be many things so you really need to diagnose with an engine tester.

I had the same symptoms and it was the front lambda sensor!


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first off do as omendata said and also  change plugs and ht leads. son had similar with his fiesta and was ht leads and plugs

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