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engine systemj failure, just me?


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hey guys i have  my focus now for going on 6 months, i am a dealer technician (not ford :/) so i know my way around a car, i was just wondering if anyone with a 1.8tdci (or possibly others) has had the same issue as me, 

some times when i get in the car and start if i touch the accelerator when starting it brings "engine system fault" on the dash when i have started and then if i drive, it seems to hold back as such changing ever gear, and just generally sluggish ,  if i turn the car off then on it goes away, i have only noticed this if i touch the accelerator, 


now dont get me wrong i know my way round a car, i have elmconfig and forscan at at hand and i get a stored DTC relating to the accelerator sensor.


i more so want to know is this something that happens with the focus/1.8tdci as it only happens if i touch the accelerator when starting, (also i dont do this intentionally some times i woud rest my foot on it without realizing )


thanks to anyone who can shed some light

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p2113 .... i think ...    its been a few weeks since i did it but it is along those line , minimum stop performance, 


the pedal is reading 0.00% at idle and floored it goes to 99.4%  , checked also smoothness when pressing the pedal with the scope, doesnt appear to be much wrong when i monitored it.


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