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2009 Mondeo Titanium - Cruise Control problem

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Hey everyone

i can see this may be a semi-common problem.. Picked up a second hand 1.8TDCi Mondeo Titanium 2 months ago. Drove it 300 miles home, all no problems, great car great drive. Cruise Control on journey back worked flawlessly. Tried it for the first time since last week on a longer drive, and it's not working :-(

If I'm on the motorway doing around 70, press to turn the cruise control on, the dash screen tells me in response to the button press that cruise control is now on standby. I press the +Set button to set the speed, and the Cruise Control essentially goes off, doesn't activate and is removed from standby.

Are those symptoms common ?

Any ideas ? I'm not seeing any other obvious warning signs on dash.

Many thanks.. would be grateful for any pointers you may have

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