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Engine Warning Light Question

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Hi all

A 00 Ford Focus MkI It overheated after following about an hour in stop/start rush our traffic, pulled off the road and allowed it to cool down. Topped up the coolant and continued journey without any more problems but the engine warning light came on and remained on. 

5 hours later and no further issues/leaks/symptoms of over heating so I disconnected and reconnected the battery which turned off the engine warning light.

Question... do you guys think that the shock of the overheating incident activated the engine warning light and my disconnecting the battery to turn it off could possibly be an end of it or am I just deluding myself?




A Nube


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Well, it shouldn't have overheated and that suggests that there is an underlying fault that you haven't cured (unless you have done something to cure it and not said anything about it).

That said, maybe if you don't get stuck in bad traffic and maybe if you don't drive it on such a hot day (!) maybe the underlying fault won't make its presence known to you.

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