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So just driving back from the local cinema, the route passes the local police station and quite a large junction, when I get out the tunnel and there's a queue. My first instinct is to move to the side of the road, I was expecting emergency vehicles...

As I get closer I see two police cars already present and the AA there, surely they would have two police cars, one in Lane one and one in Lane 3 for just a broken car at the side of the road...

I get closer and see the police focus has am unusual distort to his bumper... That doesn't look good...

Then I see the corsa with a focus shaped bump in his side, looks like a heck of a t bone, then I get to see the front of the focus, well that's all caved in

Judging by the shape transfers, I recon the police man was on a call going through and the corsa came out in front of him thinking I can make it, realising he couldn't and the police car has ploughed into him.

Will see if I can get some dashcam footage later and show it, sadly that's going to cost us kentish tax payers, but on a plus side, they did help us remove a corsa from the road.

Although recovery were present, I couldn't see anyone wandering around, and no sign of am ambulance. I expect the driver has already been whisked away for a checkup...

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OK so checked the dashcam, oddly it stopped recording for the one minute I was passing that scene, got one from just before it though :| odd!

Anyway, went googling, and found some bits...



the junction is massive...

on the very left of the picture below - top corner, thats the corner of the police station lol

pier road.png




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