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Mark 6 Heater Controls Connections


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Hi All,


We've got a phase 1 mark 6 with the horrid triple stereo. I've just installed a parrot handsfree which I completed no problem. Followed a dash removal guide from youtube and went about refitted.


My issues however arose during re-attachment...


Firstly the Hot/Cold Controller that runs a cable down the right hand side and clips down near the floor, the one with the little metal hook that loops over the adjustment cog (am I making sense?) that is now 1cm too short. I've got it running down what is about the only hole on that side, but is there a specific route it needs to take to make sure it reaches?


And secondly, and worse, the directional controls for the heater (with the green bit that plugs into the back of the fascia itself) has come away from the dash completely. With the green bit plugged into the back of the fascia where the heck does the other part go?

Any help would be appreciated guys, I've got a fully functional bluetooth hands free but now no blowers

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