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ECU remap on PCP finance


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I have a fiesta ZS on PCP from ford and I would like to get an ECU remap on it to boost the bhp to around 150.

The lad from the garage says that I can get the map undone for services and at the end of the 4 year plan when the car needs to be returned to ford dealership... Has anyone on here had the ECU tune and then handed it back? If so were there any problems?

 It seems like a good deal if it can be undone when it's due to change to a new car, but I'm not very technical with these remaps.

Any advice would be great!


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Warranty is potentially void for engine and transmission if you use a non-approved remap.

In terms of PCP, I believe the wording is something like, you are expected to return the car back to how it was when you got it, any modifications left on the car become the property of Ford when handing the car back.

Or words to that effect, it should be in your T & C's.

Oh and don't forget to inform your insurance :)

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My advice would be to go get the mountune upgrade done instead. As this doesn't void the warrenty and doesn't need to be taken off if you trade it in for a new car. The biggest problem you will have is if it's mapped and you have issues you have voided your manufacturers warrenty and then you have to stump up the repair cost. With mountune you don't as it still gets the full manufacturers warrenty. 

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The only remap I've heard of where it can be undone for services etc is bluefin.

I do know of some mappers who will remove and replace the mapping but at a cost in the region of £80.

A lad at the garage? Sounds dodgy to me.

As stated, either Mountune or bluefin are your options.

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Thanks for the advice...

The whole warranty side of it didn't actually cross my mind - I think that's the biggest factor why I probably won't get it done. (Possibly consider it again when the warranty runs out)

The only thing stopping me from mountune is the price of it! I wouldn't bother paying nearly £400 for 10bhp gain, that only leaves £1400 to bring it up to 165 which I really can't afford.

When I said "lad at the garage" that was just my bad wording making it sound dodgey haha "garage owner" should have been used, which is who I directly messaged. He charges nothing to remove the map, but £20 to put back on.

I was considering the blufin one as well, it's just this came in cheaper, I suppose you get what you payfor most of the time!

Anyone else that's had this sort of thing feel free to comment

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