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Bluefin questions


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I'm looking at getting a bluefin for the 1.6tdci 95bhp model Zetec s. Firstly on superchips it is 329 but on eBay demon tweeks are selling it for 299 with a free k and n air filter, do you get the same warranty etc from buying through demontweeks? Also secondly it says that some cars need to be bluefin enabled before it will work which involves taking the ECU out to reprogram it, I recently enquired about a map from someone local and they said they'd need to remove my ecu. Does that mean mine wouldn't be bluefin enabled at current? 

Is there anyone with the same engine variant who's done this? 

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I would suggest giving demond tweeks a call. I've used them a few times on previous cars and they are a really useful source of knowledge. I had the same issue with a mini and I dropped it off with them to have a look at- they did the bluefin plug in and popped an k&n filter on without any issues. 

The warranty is all the same with them plus you get a free air filter! 

This probably isn't the most helpful reply for you but worth a call to them. 

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