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No Oil from Turbo oil feed pipe


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Hi I have a 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI.

Ive never worked on a diesel car or a Turbo before so please be gentle.

Ive just replaced the Turbocharger on this Focus but as im trying to prime it i have no oil coming out of the small metal oil feed pipe, how is this feed? is there a pump or would the pipe just be blocked?? 


This is what i have done so far-

Drained oil out

used flushing oil to clean Engine twice

Fitted new Oil Filter cleaned or replaced the air pipes going to turbo

Replaced air fliter

Took off intercooler cleaned pipes of oil and cleaned inter cooler

Replaced turbo and replced exhaust clamp.

Didnt change or clean oil feed pipe because i could not see where other end was lol

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Remove sump and clean or replace oil pump pick up pipe guarantee if you've had to change turbo the engine is totally full of carbon !Removed! deposits. There's a ford tsb about turbo replacement on the 1.6tdci if the turbo failed due to oil starvation then you've basically got a lemon and it'll were killed the new turbo fairly quickly

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The oil line to the turbo is fed by the oil pump. The banjo bolts of the oil line contains a strainer. This strainer should be removed and the oil line should be cleaned to prevent future problems. It is considered to be better to feed dirty oil to the turbo than no oil at all (if the strainer is clogged).

Next to this you should also inspect the strainer in the vacuum pump. This strainer may also be completely clogged. If the oil was very dirty it is also recommendeable to remove the sump and give it a thorough clean.


After all parts mentioned above are completely clean the oil return line from the turbo should be disconnected and put into a suitable container. Next the engine must be started and run at idle. When there is a steady stream of oil coming from the return line the amount of oil must be measured with a cold engine. This amount must be at least 300 ml in 1 minute. Less oil coming from the return line indicates engine damage.



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How do i get to the oil pump is it easy to get to or do i have to take half the car apart lol

JW1982 you said check the vacuum stainer, why do i find the vacuum pump? 

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you need to take the sump off mate, in there you will see it all.  getting the sump off isn't n easy task, apparently you need to take the DPF off which also requires the fan to be removed, although after looking at it I have a feeling its doable without doing that, itll make a right mess but theres one or two nuts above the exhaust, take the off and I think you can rotate it down and out.

In saying that, when etis says you need to do something then you usually need to do it so perhaps ive missed something


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13 minutes ago, iantt said:

no need to remove anything except for undertray to remove sump

excellent, mines weeping oil on one side an needs resealed, theres another job for a weekend :)


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Did you ever find out why you were getting no oil through the turbo oil feed pipe. 


I have replaced the turbo and oil feed pipe on the focus I have however when trying to prime the turbo I get no oil through the feed pipe at all and since jacking it up and removing the turbo I now have the low pressure light on permenant.


My plan today is to remove the vacuum pump and clean and then start at the sump. 


Any advice where I've gone wrong would be much appreciated


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