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Catastrophic Failure - Cam Belt/AUX Belt

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I've posted on other forums but thought the more threads the better.

I had some work done to my 2.5T on Friday, local garage fitted a new AUX pulley and AUX belt (for the screeching alternator) 2 days later the car dies, loss of PAS, engine, etc. There are bits of the new belt frayed and detached in the engine bay. RAC came out and checked it said the belt was not fitted properly (on their report) and there is no compression apparently.

It's been towed to the local garage that did the work and currently they have said it was the cam belt breaking that caused the new aux belt damage. What I want to know is, if the cam belt goes it's housed internally within plastic box so how could that damage the aux belt which is outside of this housing. Is this true? I need to get as much information so I can build a case if they deny it was their work at fault.


Please any advice welcome

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Hi Matthew. 

Really sorry for this failure. So your cambelt snapped? What was the speed you were doing then it happened ? Was it changed in a past at all? 

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I think they're trying to worm out of a big expensive mistake.

You're looking at (at least) an engine rebuild but most probably a new engine.

I would demand an inspection by a seperate garage as the first garage will obviously try to cover their arses.

Go through your insurance company as then they can recoup all losses from the garages liability insurance.

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When the cam belt breaks, it is likely the pistons will hit the open valves, and stop the crankshaft rotating with a bang. The inertia of the alternator and other stuff on the aux belt (was the a/c on?), will stress the aux belt a lot, could lead to breakage.

As the aux belt is quite elastic, and will normally slip before it breaks, it seems a bit unlikely. But it is even less likely that both belts would go together, and I do not know of any cases where an Aux belt breaking takes out the cam belt. (Unless the cam belt is worn and near breaking point already).

And a new aux belt will be "stickier" than a worn one, so less likely to slip, making more likely to break.

Just a few thoughts really. Anyone else any ideas?

(I have just seen Clive's post come in, he seems to think you have a case, & I would certainly support the independent assessment route)



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