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Focus 1.6 LX - Air Condition Issue


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Hi All, 


Newbie here, hope your all well.


Wondering if any of you have come across the same thing because I’m really starting to get annoyed with this car now.


I have an issue with the A/C and I cannot figure out what the hell is going wrong.



The car has just recently had the A/C drained and degassed however the air con still isn’t not running cold.


1, I have checked the A/C clutch and this is NOT engaging when the A/C button is pressed - even though it lights up and the cars revs increase slightly. 


2, I have changed the relay and the A/C clutch is still NOT kicking in.


3, I then added a jump wire in the relay’s place and I can confirm that the A/C clutch kicked in  and the A/C came out freezing cold! Eureka! 


"Now the issue I have is, without using the jump wire in place 247 (which as I found kills the battery overnight) what could be going on?"



Look forward to any pointers you guys may have! Thanks in advance.

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Have you checked for any fuses which correspond to the climate control/AC/Fans/etc? If you've changed the relay and it's still not kicking in, then i'd suspect either a fuse, or a wiring fault.

Does the relay click (if you put your finger on it, or ear to it, you should feel/hear it click)?

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16 hours ago, ryanpeveritt said:

I have changed the relay and the A/C clutch is still NOT kicking in.

I do not have the Mk1 wiring diagram, only the Mk2.

But the a/c relay should have 12v (battery) on one side of the coil, and be pulled low on the other side, by either the pcm, or the BCM (aka GEM), or directly by the switch, but via the pressure switches.

So the pressure switch(es) in the a/c lines must be in the correct state for this to happen. So if the relay is not operating, it is likely to be the pressure switch(es). It may be possible to use jumpers in the connectors to check this.

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