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Random noises whilst driving


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Hi guys. 

I'm having some trouble with my Ford Mondeo 1.6 tdi N reg, at 74000 miles. 

I hear a range of strange noises which I believe is emitting from the front passenger wheel, and I need your thoughts. 

Sound 1 - since I've owned the car back in Feb, whenever I full lock to perform a 3 point turn, I get a weird noise like something is being pulled. A little high pitched.

Sound 2 - whenever I drive on a particular Road that bends left (m56 to m53) i get a low hum noise which I thought was wheel bearings, but it only happens there. 

Sound 3 - more recently, I'm getting a loose rattling sound from the left passenger side. It's becoming more frequent. 

Other - while driving, there is a chance that the car suddenly pulls back for a split second. Revs do not drop, it just feels like someone suddenly tried to pull my car back.. At 70mph. This has happened once or twice a month since Feb. 

My car had a full service end of July, as soon as I returned from America, and nothing flagged up apart from one of the tyre treads being considerably lower than the other 3.

All of these issues lead me to believe it's my front wheels or tyres, but i am no mechanic and I really need your help guys. 

I drive a lot of motorway miles for work, around 100 a day. 

Thank you very much for your time!


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wheel bearing and driveshafts are the most likely culprits, i would get it looked at, you don't want a wheel bearing collapsing when your driving it.

it should be noticeable to a mechanic if they test drive it. 

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Cheers dude! I'll ask the mechanic to check the wheel bearings and driveshaft :) 

I have a guarantee with Stoneacres (Wrexham) where they will fix anything for free (within reason) as part of my finance agreement, however I didn't want to go in there making weird noises at them with no clue on what to ask them to check. 

Thanks again!


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