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Info Required (MK7)


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Hi guys,

I'm currently looking at selling my Clio as it's on it's last legs, I have a focus but I use the Clio as my run-around car to and from work everyday.

Anyway, I've decided to get a Fiesta and I think I like the MK 7 Zetec S the most in my price range of 5k, the question is do I get the petrol or the diesel?  I drive 20 miles a day.

Also what are you guys paying for tax and getting on fuel as I'm hearing mixed reports on the mpg, I'm currently getting 41mpg in my Clio which I'm pleased with, would the Petrol Zetec S match this? 

I did look at a standard Fiesta for around 5k but they seem to do the same on fuel as the Zetec S (same on tax also:?!)

Any help and info much appreciated!  :smile:

(ps - I plan to have it for 3 years, ill then get an ST)

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7 minutes ago, AlexBartlam said:

if its the eco boost like iv got its free tax but iv still got register it every year, as for mpg i get 45 ish average thats if im good with pedal haha :laugh:

No not the Ecoboost mate (although I wish it was!) but you can't get one for 5k at the moment.

I either get a standard Fiesta or the Fiesta Zetec S both of which seem the same on tax and fuel for 5k!

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I've got the 1.6tdci. You must look after it and keep it well serviced as you'll get bother otherwise. Would need to have an immaculate service history if buying used. Free road tax and around 55-60mpg on combined driving.  

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