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End Of Lease Return


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Ok, so my 2014 1.6TDCi Tit Focus is due back to the lease firm soon. I've already had a dent taken out a door, The paint is pretty good, though a few scratches. Which in my opinion will fall within the fair wear and tear rules. While I will give it a good clean etc, I wont be able to get too meticulous on it due to time. When anyone else has returned a lease car, how well did you prep it for a return? There is a local Valet place that will do a full Valet for £110, including a mechanical polish.

Does that sound worth it?

Any Aberdeen area members with good\bad stories of valet locations?

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I know a few folks who have lease cars all they do is pay £15 for a decent wash and hand wax then hoover and polish the dash. £110 would be worth it if you was selling it and wanted a higher price, or even if you just bought the car.



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Well my car has gone back, I spent a good few hours on it. I won't say it was pristine but at the same time it was looking damn good.

Everything I found was well with in guidelines and wax chip sticked a few stone chips and scratches anyway. 

However the day before collection I found a *expletive* dent in the rear quarter, just above the wheel well, on the swage line. Don't know how I missed it, though it was about the size of a 5p. Anyway I had to return it as was, we signed for the identified dent. Invoice came through....£195 for a 5p sized dent. Paint and refinish it states...a smart repair would do it. The dent I had removed was much worse...so annoyed.

Any ideas on methods of negotiation? I'd pay about £100 as that would be semi fair but not double.

I should add their image of the damage, doesn't show it, car was wet. My own pictures were far better :laugh:, not telling them that.

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