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ford ka no speedo or petrol gauge


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I have a 2006 Ka, just had a reconditioned gearbox put in, all new brakes, battery, new master cylinder. After weeks and weeks in the garage it came back with the fuel gauge and speedo not working.

I dread taking it back to the garage as they take weeks to do anything.

I noticed one of the fuses next to the battery is missing but have no idea what this does.

Can anyone offer any advice, car has been off the road for months in and out of garage, getting fed up with it.

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Well it is their problem. I can't see any issue with phoning them up saying that at least you want a fuse fitting (replacing the missing one) and staying there while they do that. Should only take ten minutes or less.

If/when it gets beyond that it is more of a problem. But you might make clear to them if the thing with the fuse doesn't work and if they can't give a promise of acceptable service you'll be taking it to another garage and charging them. The trouble comes if they then make promises and don't fulfil them.

Which fuse does what ought to be documented in the owners manual but it is often wrong/confusing.


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