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2.0tdci eml and dpf issues


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Hi. I'm after a little help.

3 weeks ago we bought the mondeo. It had just been serviced and had new egr valve. About a week later we had the service oil indicator come on every time the car was started, and as it had only just been done I did the manual reset and that was that. 2 days later the same message came up then engine malfunction came on and the car went into limp mode. I have a bluepoint obd reader and it said P010f mass or volume air sensor. Cleared that turned car off then on and done.  The service oil light keeps coming on no matter what I do with the reset and now the eml light has come on with a manufacturer specific p2463 with I googled and it said something to do with soot. Car is now perm in limp mode. I have given it a good run before the second code to regen but how do I know it was successful. Any help with be appreciated

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I now have forscan and tried clearing the codes and doing a static regeneration. It failed saying dpf blocked. Code P242f

Could I reset the dpf values then try again?

I also get the following dpf pressures. At idle its 1.6kpa and at 2500rpm its 39kpa

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