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Broken drivers seat.

Peter Teago

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Hello everyone,

Just a wee question for everyone with a mk4 titanium x sport. Driving through to town on Sunday, all was fine until there was a ping from under my seat ( the drivers ), and I realised that something had broken underneath as I can now move half the base and half the back as well backwards and forwards.

Oddest sensation having part of the seat come with you when you brake!

Luckily I had the local garage have a look and they found the frame had snapped under the base. Now i am a big chap 6'2" and about 100kg, but I am sure the seats were suppsed to be made of more robust stuff. The garage welded it back together and all is good. Ford said they would have had to replace the whole seat at about £1200!! In the end only cost me £150.

Thank god. Anyone else have this or similar problem? maybe if we get enough we can bring this to the attention of Ford themselves?

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I had this happen on my old Mondeo ST200 Recaro seat. I just welded it back together and was fine after that. Im 6ft 5.5 and 19 stone so maybe its just us big fellas that break them! Guess we are both lucky we didnt crash while it was getting ready to snap!

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