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ford focus window washer


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odds are the pumps knackered   or might of been frozen if freezing out side... listen to see if you can hear the pump running first ... if so run for a few seconds and see if you can see any water dripping off the car underneath . could be a split pipe. still no joy and pump is running try disconnecting  the wash pipe off pump and try  . this will let you know if the pipe or jets are blocked ... if still no joy and pump works ,remove pump from tank as pump inlet might be blocked.  check if pump don't work that front and rear washers are on separate fuses and connector on pump is fine . and it may be the wash switch itself or connector .or relay

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The pump is fitted in the reservoir which is located behind the nearside wheel arch liner.

From what you've said I woudn't suspect the pump or filter. There is only one pump that supplies both front and rear washers so if the rear works the pump is likely to be ok (it switches between front and rear by reversing the direction of the pump motor).

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I do not know exactly what the pipe connections are like, but if you get to the motor you might be able to swap the outlet pipes over  so you have front washer working (when you press rear washer switch) and no rear washer.

Not ideal, but a possible quick fix if you are desperate.   and whether or not that works does depend on where the fault lies.

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