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How to adjust MK6 headlights?


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My headlights on my MK6 pre facelift are totally wrong. I removed both headlights and added new bulbs then screwed the headlights back in. However now one side is high one side is low and in general the light beam pattern is not very wide or spread out. Does anyone know how to adjust them or where I am going wrong? One of the mounting screws says -1.0% with a headlight logo. Had the same bulbs in my Corsa and they were super bright on the road? 

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I always thought my headlights were poor and aimed to low, so I self adjusted them as follows:  I got my daughter to park her car (which had just passed its MOT) on the drive about 10 feet from the garage door.  I marked where the dipped beam cut-off was then parked  my car in the same position and adjusted my beam up until the cut-off matched the mark on the door.  I now have a better spread of light on the road and no one has ever flashed me to say my lights are out of adjustment. They must have been set too low in the factory as I have had the car since new.

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