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Mondeo TDCi problems starting

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Hello all,

Having sorted out another problem I had with the car, now I have to sit there for up to twenty minutes to get the car to run without cutting out. 

It starts first time, then a few minutes later it simply dies. Re-starting is ok....for s minute or so before it cuts out again. When it finally stays on, the car is excellent.

Ive recently changed the cam sensor snd fuel filter but was advised that I should change the fuel filter again as the last one may have now clogged up with impurities that were "backing up" down the pipe. Surely if that were so, then it would cut out all the time and not just when it was warmed up?

A sensor needs changing somewhere maybe?

Thanks for any imput


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Also, if the filter seal isn't absolutely perfect then even a tiny amount of air being allowed into the system will cause the engine to stall periodically.  Rather than replace the fuel filter again, it might be worth removing it, visually inspecting the seal and if you can't see any issues, refit/reseat and see if the issue continues.  (My 1.8 TDCI is a pain in the backside for this if I'm not careful when servicing).

I agree with Stef though, that the fact it eventually runs for extended periods without issue means it more likely to be a sensor issue or at least not an issue with the fuel filter.

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