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Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi return fuel line leaking


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Hi guys,

I discovered that the previous owner of my Ranger had broken and glued one of the connectors on the fuel return line. Needless to say it broke and spewed diesel all over the engine and I had to get towed to a garage. Anyway, the replacement (the whole return line with all four connectors and the line back to the fuel filter/pump) was ordered and fitted.

Now I am camping deep in the desert in Namibia and when I lifted the hood this morning to check that everything was okay I discovered fuel leaking in the same area. I've wiped down the whole area but can't see anything obvious. Also it looks like the guy who fitted the new line has placed it behind the injectors as opposed to the pic where the line is in front of the injectors. Would this make a difference? How do I unclip the connectors to check? If I do this will it cause more problems like letting air into the line?

I'm pretty desperate but luckily have access to patchy wifi at a bar up the road. I would really appreciate any suggestions you guys might have.



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