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Loss of Power - Unidentified fault with turbo?


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Go easy on me, it's my first post! I'm confused, frustrated and ill with the stress my car has caused me.


I have a 2014 plate Ford S-Max Titanium, 2.0 TDCI. Purchased from a Ford Dealer at about 15 months old. It is still under warranty until April. 

It's been in a Ford garage since 16th Feb (11 days ago), after suddenly cutting out while driving the previous day and losing all power completely. It brought up a warning light saying "service Now" or something along those lines, and apparently when they first got it in they were completely stumped as it was bringing up lots of different fault codes. As of about 4:50pm today, they STILL haven't been able to identify the exact problem. I know they haven't been consistently working on it, as they have had to contact Ford's Technical Department for assistance with it. They have said on more than one occasion that it is the turbo that isn't working, but they don't know why it's not working. I asked today if they can't just do something to get it going again, but he's said no. So at the minute, I am gathering my car is unfixable? Has this happened to anyone before? Specifically with a car still under warranty?

At the minute I'm totally in limbo :sad:

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