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Attempted theft


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My Kuga had it's drivers window smashed and it appears the thieves tried to hack the car to drive it away. The car was parked at the rear of a hotel carpark overnight, covered by CCTV. Looking online and this is becoming a problem for keyless ignition type cars. When I reported it to the West Midlands Police they said there had been a spate of Kugas been stolen. Has this happened to anyone else? Online advice talks about putting a steering wheel lock on. The stoplock pro gets good reviews. Has anyone else used this or know of any other deterrents.

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Hi. I'm pleased they failed and the Kuga put up enough resistance to put them off. It's annoying that you have the inconvenience and expense of the repairs. 

Yes, the stoplock is a good visual deterrent - ditto a good wheelclamp etc.- especially if the vehicle is being left unattended somewhere.  i've used both.  These devices are enough to make a casual thief go for an easier target.  I also think that a visual "alarm on" indicator (LED?) would help too. 

Sadly,  a committed thief will always find a way.  We just need to make things as difficult as possible.


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