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Clutch replacement

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Hi guys

I have a 56-plate S-Max, the pre-facelift 1.8 tdci model. At the last service, my local garage warned me that he thought there was a problem with the flywheel as the car was trying to shake itself to death when the revs were slightly higher than tickover. Anyway, I left it and on Friday the clutch completely died on me resulting in the AA towing me to my house.

The AA guy warned me that replacing the clutch on an S-Max "won't be cheap," but I'm seeing some silly figures being banded around on the web. Have any of you fine people had a clutch replaced on one of these cars? If so, how much did you pay including VAT and labour etc.

Also, is it worth having the timing belt done while the engine is out for the clutch? Car's done 81.3K miles and is on the original belt as far as I know. What should I be looking at paying for this replacing please?

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Hi, there is a lot of junk (technical term) that lives inside the front of your gearbox bell housing and at the back of your engine.

In between the engine and gearbox is the Dual Mass Flywheel, these are fitted on almost all diesel of every manufacturer. they are in two pieces and have springs which absorb the vibrations that a diesel puts through. They are wearing items like tyres or exhausts, my 2007 2.00 TDCI  had a new DMF AT 77,000 miles and I'm at 137,000 miles now and expect to put another in within the next 12 months.

Because they are in the centre of the car it takes effort and labour ( 6 hours of it) to get to them, replace and refit, it makes sense whist the gearbox is separated to replace EVERY item that wears inside the front gearbox bell housing This includes the DMF the clutch friction plate, clutch cover ( Spring plate) and the clutch slave cylinder, also as an extra whilst in there consider replacing the rear crankshaft seal ( cos you can get to it). The costs are as follows for all the clutch components listed and the DMF it cost me £1160 (vat inc) using Ford components from a non Ford garage ( friendly local garage who does decent job). Saving available if using LUK components ( decent quality non ford components but to spec) of £180, which  I decided not to use. The crankshaft rear oil seal replacement another £50 not strictly necessary but hell whilst inside there at 6 hour labour cost I did it. I understand from other vehicle users VW, AUDI, Perguot these costs are very reasonable.

My DMF was replaced as a precaution, at 77,000 miles it was at the end of it's expected life although running ok, the clutch was just starting to slip ( they always start in the higher gears 4/5/6 etc before slipping in the lower gears) but I decided I didn't want to cause any damage inside to oother components that stick into the bell housing ( starter motor for example).

Depressing costs I know but that's what running these vehicles run into. 

The 2.0 litre has 10 years or 125,000 miles stated for timing belt, I had mine done at 119,000 and 9 years, cost from memory £145 which includes water pump which sits inside that area and can be accessed whilst doing, believe me you are better doing the timing belt 6 months and 5,000 miles early rather than 1 month and 1 mile too late. There would be an enormous bill if it fails, sorry don't know what your mileage and time is try a search.



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