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Electric window - driver's side will go down but only closes halfway up

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I have a 1999 Ford Fiesta Zetec LX 16V.  A couple of months ago I found that I couldn't get my driver's side electric window to close more than half way.  (went down easily enough) There seemed to be some resistance getting it to close from about the half-way point.  I managed to close it, just by constantly pushing on the switch whilst I was driving. We put some WD40 round the window seal and that seemed to cure the problem.  It was fine until a week ago and then the same thing happened again.  Managed to force the window closed pulling it up with my hands, but haven't tried to use it again since.  Was hoping for any ideas for a simple fix?  Only the front windows are electric and the other window works fine, both from it's own switch and the one on the door on the driver's side.  

Be grateful for any thoughts anyone might have.

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No it sticks halfway up.  Can get it to go back down by pressing the switch.  The first time it happened I managed to get it to go back up whilst driving and pressing the switch until it went up.  The second time I pulled it up manually from the halfway point.  Haven't used it since, as scared I won't be able to get it back up.

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Worrying about getting it back up comes with age [emoji87]

I was asking as I wondered if it was the anti pinch mechanism. You haven't recently fitted wind deflectors have you?

From the symptoms you describe I would guess it's either the motor or the regulator at fault

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Had an issue with my old mk1 focus, the window would only go up about 5cm and then stop.
Took the door card off, dripped some oil down the cable into the motor, held the window up button and gave the motor a good whack with my fist. Seemed to jolt the window back into life, worked fine until I traded the car in anyway.

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I had the exact same issue with our old 1997 Fiesta.

It'll be the tracks that are seizing and preventing it from going back up easily.  WD40 fixes it temporarily until it evaporates and then the problem comes back. 

Ideally what you want to do is remove the door card and spray some silicone grease on it, that should fix it more long-term.  If you don't want to remove the door card you could try spraying it in the same way you did the WD40 and that should work.

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